Big Deal


Everybody and their brother is talking about the superbowl.

I realize I’m subjecting myself to extreme disgust/disappointment/outrage or possibly just indifference, but I hate football. I think it’s a silly game that makes less sense than cricket for people who are too scared to try rugby. The NFL is a modern coliseum, yes, and let’s not forget how that started: People fighting to the death to distract the masses from the corruption of the Roman government. Except the coliseum was free, and superbowl tickets are anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 dollars. 

But enough about that! I have homework to do anyway, so while everyone around me is pretending to enjoy football (and really watching the million dollar Doritos commercials–because those are actually entertaining–) I’ll be writing a first draft of some carefully-though-out analysis of a really terrible movie.

I’m thinking David Lynch’s “Eraserhead.”



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